This Resolution was in honor of the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the Marina at Cullen Park

RES. 347-11
Recognizing “Visions of Cullen Park” on the
occasion of the 50th anniversary of the dedication
of the Marina at Cullen Park.
WHEREAS, in 1954, Cullen Park was named after
Edward J. Cullen; former Toledo City Councilman and
Vice-Mayor, and is located at 4500 N. Summit Street,
in Point Place; and
WHEREAS, residents and business owners in the
Point Place and Shoreland area have long been
proactive in joining together to take pride and
ownership in their neighborhoods, going as far back to
1961 when residents worked with the city and the Port
Authority to get a small boat marina built at Cullen
Park; and
WHEREAS, the proximity of Cullen Park to Lake Erie,
at the mouth of the Maumee River, for decades has
attracted boaters; sports fisherman, duck hunters and
others through much of this century, and has greatly
contributed to the character and vitality of the Point
Place/Shoreland communities; and
WHEREAS, recognizing herself that Cullen Park
plays a vital role in providing recreational access to
Lake Erie, Point Place resident; Vee Stader thought of
an idea to form a group of volunteers who would work
towards long-term improvements and beautification
efforts for Cullen Park; this group would be named
“Visions of Cullen Park;” and
WHEREAS, after officially forming, Gene Kidd was
named Chairman and both Vee and Gene have
dedicated numerous hours of their time to lead efforts
that would make a positive impact and difference at
Cullen Park; and