Cullen Park is located on the North side of Toledo, Ohio -area known as “Point Place”.

The Park resides on the Maumee Bay, that leads out to the Maumee River and the western edge of Lake Erie.

This location makes easy access for boaters, from power craft to paddle sport, by using the multiple launches available at the park.

This site is divided in two sections, Visions of Cullen Park and Cullen Park.

  Visions of Cullen Park – Current projects and the future path of Cullen Park

                     Cullen Park – The history of the park and people that made the park

Since the first meeting, March 18,2010, Visions of Cullen Park has organized 27 meetings, where a total of 523 concerned citizens have participated, giving many countless hours, that pushed the organization to where it is today.

Currently the only means of raising funds, is through the Kroger Rewards Program, so please consider joining.

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Coordinates: 41°42’15″N   83°28’36″W

Located at 4500 North Summit St., Toledo, Ohio (Point Place) at 101st. Street, across from the Point Place Post Office


The park is located on the North side of Toledo.