On Veteran’s Day- Sunday, November 11th, a ceremony will be held at 2:00 pm at the entrance to Cullen Park, to dedicate the new flag and to honor Veterans. The flag pole had been donated by Howard Pinkley a Veteran, to the Visions of Cullen Park group and the flag was donated by Howard’s daughter, Wendy. They have been placed at the entrance of the park where the former toll booth stood. The area was improved with plantings and nautical post with ropes, the bollards were donated by Ken Socie. This was totally a volunteer project by the members of Visions of Cullen Park and local Point Place/Shoreland community residents.

   Veterans are invited to attend along with the public who are encouraged to seek out veterans who may need a ride or assistance to attend.

  For further information, call Tom Stagner at 419-727-9001