October & November Meetings

The next two meetings of Visions of Cullen Park are on the following dates.

Wednesday October 28, 2015 at 6:30 pm
Thursday November 19, 2015 at 6:30 pm

At CrossPoint Community Church at 4212 Onondaga off Lehman and 283rd.

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Next Meeting: July 22


The next meeting for Visions of Cullen Park is set for Wednesday, July 22, at 6:30 p.m., at CrossPoint Community Church at 4212 Onondaga off Lehman and 283rd. At this time, the organization is looking for pictures taken at Cullen Park of birds, butterflies, insects, amphibians, ducks, herons, plants, etc.

Selected pictures will be used as part of the restoration of the north side of the park. A sign board will identify the different species within the park. Anyone with pictures to share should attend the meeting or call Vee at 419-729-3044 or Dale at 419-727-9343. The meeting is open to the public.

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Next Meeting: May 27

The next Visions of Cullen Park meeting is Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 6:30pm At Cross Point Community Church on Onondaga. There will be a guest who will share information for upcoming bass tournaments at Cullen Park. The meeting is open to the public and all ideas are given consideration. For further information call Dale Rupert at 419-727-9343 or Vee Stader at 419-729-3044.

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Dedication at Cullen Park April 23

A dedication will take place on Thursday, April 23 2015, at 2 pm, at Cullen Park. The public is invited to attend.

The program will recognize the completion of the project paid for by a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The work included new docks, ramps, parking lot, lighting, and navigational aids.

Dignitaries, organizations, and individuals responsible for the renovation will be in attendance.

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2015 Great Lakes Largemouth Series

The Toledo division of Great Lakes Largemouth Series fishing tournament starts in July and ends in September. The gathering spot is the new boat ramp at Cullen Park.

Full details of the event, with tournament dates

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5 year anniversary

Visions of Cullen Park
Will have their 5 year anniversary Meeting
March 25-2015

Please note that this Meeting will start at 6pm instead of the usual 6:30 starting time due to the many items on the agenda for the evening.

An “Educational Outreach Program on the Health of Lake Erie” will be presented.

Troy Gaberal of Ohio Sea Grant will be guest speaker, who will address Toledo drinking water which was compromised by a cyanobacteria call microsystin. He hopes to spark an interest within the Point Place-Shoreland community in regard to the polluted water.

The meeting will also include a review of the design for Cullen Park (the area is roughly in what is now the “grassy” area north of the parking lot) in regard to the EPA Grant that we received, with work scheduled to begin in July.

The fifth anniversary of Visions of Cullen Park will also be recognized.

The meeting is open to the public to participate. For more information, Call Dale Rupert at 419-727-9343 or Vee Stader at 419-729-3044.

Meeting is at CrossPoint Community Church, at end of Onondaga off Lehman and 283rd Street.

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February’s meeting will be the 25th!

This month special guest will be Denny Garvin, Commissioner of parks and recreation. Mr Garvin will be retiring the 28 of February, so we thought we would like to express our deep gratitude for all that he has helped Visions of Cullen Park over the past 5 yrs in the transformation of Cullen Park! Please join us in wishing Mr Garvin a healthy and long retirement!

(east of Lehman at 283rd st)
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Next meeting Thursday November 20th

The next Visions of Cullen Park meeting will be held Thursday, November 20, at 6:30 p.m., at CrossPoint Community Church on Onondaga off Lehman and 283rd Street. This change from the normal meeting date of the fourth Wednesday ofthe month is due to the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be a guest speaker. The meeting is open to the public.

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The long awaited kayak dock has been installed!

The newly built kayak dock (and apparently fisherman’s dock) was installed Friday August 1st! A long 3-1/2 months of volunteers, laboring daily to provide this one of a kind kayak dock that has incorporated a boat slip, which will ease the access and exiting of kayaks, especially newer paddlers.

Volunteers were not only from Visions of Cullen Park, but also a team of NorthWest Ohio River Runner kayakers participated. The dock was built at a remote site along the Maumee River, provided by a local Point place businessman, who also provided/donated  many hours of welding, structural material and even installed it for us!

The dock consisted of donated:

      35 floats and steel side rails

      over 1500 nuts and bolts

      $1500 in cash donations

     2 fabricated stainless steel hand rails

      Walk ramp provided by City of Toledo

      Over 400 man hours of volunteerism

The floating dock is 16′ by 20′, with the slip 3′ by 8′, which is connected to shore via 6′ wide and 24′ long walkway!

The Visions of Cullen Park, a subcommittee of the 501C3 Legacy Foundation, in a continuing effort to improve Cullen Park, decided with the surge in paddle sports in recent years, public accessibility for kayakers and canoers is very limited, especially in an area surrounded by water, For example, with Walbridge park being 8 miles upstream, HP Landing 6.5 miles on the Ottawa River and Maumee State Park 6 miles away all via water. Cullen Park makes paddling to Turtle Island, Wood tick point beach for example a short and simple jaunt for example.

This kayak dock is to replace the existing stationary wood structure that is about 3-5 feet above the water, thus not making it usable or safe for canoes or kayaks, more of just a fishing pier.  The need is there- “Build and they will come”, Visions of Cullen Park built and we shall see them paddle! This dock will affect the economics of Point Place by bringing light to this undiscovered recreation area and to the many existing and new business in Point Place!

 The new low setting floating dock was designed with canoes and kayaks in mind at 6” above water for safety and convenience of the paddler. (compared to 18-24” for power boats)  The overall dimensions are 16 feet wide by 20 feet in depth. This dock provides a uniquely safer entering and exiting method for paddlers by means of a “Slip” in the center of the dock that measures 32” wide by 9’ deep, where by paddlers can “roll” out of a kayak or canoe, thus reducing that 90% chance of capsizing or rolling their craft that occurs at the dock. The dock is comprised of 35 floats held together by a steel welded frame work, covered by #1 pine decking that is pressure treated to resist rotting and moisture for these conditions.

 The floating dock is connected to shore via a 24 foot long by 6 foot wide steel ramp which includes handrails. This used and slightly damaged walk ramp was provided to the Visions of Cullen Park by the City of Toledo Bridges and Streets & Harbors last fall. The ramp was repaired and completely revamped with new wood decking and a coat of epoxy paint.

 The walk ramp is then mechanically secured to the existing sloped concrete ramp via 2 large custom fabricated pivot weldments, which are anchored in cement and reinforced with re-bar.

 Volunteers from Visions of Cullen Park and the NorthWest Ohio River Runners (a Point Place based canoe and kayak group) have over 450 man hours in fabricating this dock and the refurbishing of the walk ramp by utilizing new and used donated materials. The goal Visions of Cullen Park was to build this for under $2,000 which has been successfully accomplished, due to the generosity of many donors of materials and dollars towards this project.

 Statistics: 200 lbs of steel added for reinforcement, 1,600 nuts and bolts, 3.5 gallons of epoxy paint, 400 board feet of treated lumber, over 100 sticks of welding rod and the priceless hours of love for the community


Donors of money, material and of Labor

Wohleb Socie Co -Ken Socie                  Lost Peninsula Marina – Bill Tabbert

Brighten Best Bolts – Rick Finau              Goggle Hardware

Harrison Marina – Don Smith                   Michael Pulhuj

Dave Zobler                                               Len Syrek

Doug Danyko                                          Gene Kidd

Jeff Jablonski                                           Lance Weheir

Gary Eff                                                    Joseph Ravary

Bob Pulhuj, Visions of Cullen Park Project Coordinator


Kayakers on Cullen Park's new kayak dock

The NorthWest Ohio River Runners, a canoe and kayak group, using the new dock. The one special feature of this dock is the boat slip as shown with a kayak in the slip.


New Dock with Don standing on it 8-1-2014

Don Stader checking out the new dock, as the barge and tug boat leave after just installing the dock! (that’s Vee taking picture from the shore)
Note that the blue piece on the end of the dock, was used for installation and has since been removed.

kayak Dock installed end view

A view of the 6 foot wide walk way to the dock with ample width for a kayaker to easily carry their kayak down to the dock.

kayak dock installed side view

The walk ramp is 24 feet long along with the dock sticking out another 20 feet into the bay.





installing one of the two “anchors” for the new dock, at the existing kayak launch

Ken Welding on deck

welding the modified steel frame



dock frame completred

Here is the frame before the wood decking was installed

Dock in winter

This where it all started, Lost Peninsula Marina, who donated the heart of the dock- flotation and frames. This on December 31,2013 when it was -8 degrees and windy!!















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Next Meeting July 23rd

Meeting open to public all welcomed!

there will be up date on the progress of the Kayak dock project, and the closure of the park after labor day!

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