Next Meeting is January 25th, 2012

        The agenda will include a revised mission statement

The next meeting for Visions of Cullen Park, will be January 25th , 2012 6:30pm

at the

CrossPoint Community Church

(Click above for Directions)

near Lehman and 283rd St.

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Welcome to the Cullen Park Web site!

This Web site is divided in two sections:

  Visions of Cullen Park – Current projects and the future path of Cullen Park

                      Cullen Park – The history of the park and people that made the park

There is also the “Links” column on the right side. Hopefully these Links will be informative to the first time visitors to the Cullen Park area and even residents for what is available locally.

For more information, please go to “Introduction” at the left.

We hope that you find the site enjoyabe and educational and informative

Vee Stader, Gene Kidd and all of the us from the Visions of Cullen Park, would like to wish you a safe and Merry Christmas and a Hapy New Year!

We would like to thank all of you that have attended the meetings and participated in the various projects over the pass year, and are looking forward to another year of positive changes at the Park

Please find current Visions activity below

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The Blade Article of the Dredging

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Some Pictures from December 9th

Corps of Engineers out of the water for the season


Corps of Engineers Boat approaching the Boat launch


New range light in background

New Range light


Pointing the way



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Dredge is getting closer

Here is a picture of the Dredge, as it is encroaching the shoreline  Wednesday, also note that the docks are out for the season!  City of Toledo took out the docks making room for the dredge, to get up to the ramps!

A light "shinning" upon the project!!

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Toll Booth has lights!

There are Christmas lights on the Toll Booth,

check out the picture below and then drive over to the park and check it out yourself!

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One way to “dress up” the toll booth as a duck blind, making it more appealing???

 No, this isn’t real, just a Photo Shop picture for local duck hunters!

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