Next meeting- This Thursday June 21st

Just a reminder of the Visions of Cullen Park meeting day and date change!

We will be meeting THIS Thursday June 21st – 6:30pm, at the CrossPoint Community Church.

This meeting will have guest speaker Lindsay Webb District 6 Councilwoman.

Lindsay will talk about the proposed 1.95 mil – 5 year tax levy, after which, She will take question regarding this tax proposal.

So, if you have question about this tax levy, this would be a good reason to attend the meeting and get your questions answered!

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The Anchor is in place!!

The Anchor  was set in place and permanently “anchored” , on Thursday May 31st 2012, just in time for the Point Place Parade!

The anchor stands near the entrance of Cullen Park, nestled between the sidewalk and Summit Street, for all those driving, walking or bicycling by, to enjoy this magnificent piece of history.

The City of Toledo excavated the hole for the base, which consists of 8 yards of concrete, poured on Friday, May 25th.

A dedication is planned for Saturday June 30th, more information to follow!

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Saturday June 9th, cleanup

Just want to remind and invite everyone that the “Visions of Cullen Park” is planning on having its scheduled Cullen Park and Light House clean up, this Saturday! The Cullen Park cleanup will start at 9 am, with the Light House cleaning starting at 11am. We will pick up any trash that has been “deposited” since the Boy Scouts did a cleanup a few weeks ago, thank you. While the Light House area also needs work, possibly weeding and raking the dried smelly grass. This will make the outdoor service that Pastor Mike will lead Sunday June 10th @11am, more pleasant!  Want to thank Point Place Ace Hardware for providing the trash bags for this project!! See you there, bring rakes and hand tools!

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Meeting Date Changes for the summer!!

June‘s meeting will be on the third Thursday – June 21st

July‘s meeting will be on the “normal” fourth Wednesday July 25th, with  Chief of Police Derrick Diggs being the guest speaker

August meeting  is to on the 29th, which is the fifth Wednesday

hopefully September’s meeting will be back on the  “normal” fourth Wednesday again!


June 21st  fourth Thursday

July 25th  fourth Wednesday

August 29th fifth Wednesday


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Next Meeting May 23rd

We’re back on Wednesday night meetings again, May 23rd, 6:30 pm at CrossPoint Community Church!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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BEWARE, There is NO CHARGE TO LAUNCH BOATS at Cullen Park !!

Apparently last Saturday morning, March 7th, 2012,  a individual took it upon himself to charge boaters $5 to launch their boat and pocket the money!

In the future, if some one is at the booth or anywhere in Cullen Park wanting to charge to enter or launch a boat, please call 911!

Since that incident, We have posted a brightly colored sign in the window of the toll booth, as pictured below, to make sure this does not happen again.


"No CHARGE" sign in toll booth window



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A FREE Family Oriented Event!!

The City of Toledo, in Conjunction with the Western Lake Erie Safe Boating Council


A National Safe Boating Week Kick Off


Saturday, May 19, 2012 11am—6pm

(Rain date Sunday, May 20, 2012)



Please click on link to the right for complete information Take Me BoatingToledo information


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Next Meeting – April 26th Thursday

Please note that the next meeting is on

Thursday , April 26th,

not Wednesday -just for this one meeting!

Ohio Division of Natural Resources, ODNR – Watercraft Division,

will be at the Vision of Cullen Park meeting

guest speaker will be Phil Miller, resource Planning administrator

Thursday April 26th, 6:30 pm, at CrossPoint Community Church

which is Located at  4212 Onondaga Avenue, Toledo, OH  (Point Place)

near Lehman and 283rd Streets.

Questions will be welcomed!

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A new link for Fishing information

A new link has been added on the right side of this page under “Sportsman’s Guide”, connecting to

Ohio Game Fishing

Please check it out at

Hope it’s of interest to the anglers!

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Web Site statisitcs

Just thought you would be interested in how many people look at the web site!

Cullen Park Web site statistics Jan 1st thru March 24th

555 total visitors

 365  first time visitors

 2,385 pages were viewed

 4.3 pages per visit

 4 minutes per visit

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