Don’t forget the November 28th meeting

The monthly meeting will include discussion  of the ” Entrance Way Project”, also discussion on future projects and suggestions.

Meeting starts at 6:30 pm, at the CrossPoint Community Church, and usually last for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the subject that is up for discussion.

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Entrance Way Project is Finished!






We complete the revitalization of the entrance “Island” or formerly known as the toll booth stop and pay place on Thursday, with the installation of the flag pole !!

   The Entrance Way Project started back in august, by the City of Toledo removing the old and deteriorating blue toll booth. We then proceeded with a committee to come up with a design for that flat and barren concrete slab. We then brought the design to the attendees at the September and October  Visions of Cullen Park meetings. Approval of funds to be taken from our “Kroger funds” for the project, plus a few anonymous Point Place/Shoreland concerned citizens, have stepped forward with money to complete this project- thank you! The flag pole had been donated by Howard Pinkley back in June.

  We started Thursday morning (Oct. 25th), by renting a walk behind concrete saw at Home Depot. Volunteers Dave Zobler, Len Syreck and Bob Pulhuj, spent a long day cutting and loading 2  trailer loads, equaling about 2 tons of concrete, transporting it to a legal disposal site.

Dave Zobler and Len Syrek cutting concrete on Thursday

Trailer load of cut concrete


 Friday was another rental day, a trailer type post hole auger from Home Depot, to drill four 12″ diameter holes 42″ deep, for the 3 wood “dolphins” and a flag pole sleeve. There were a couple of surprises, first  was the all the sand and then “black gold” only 24″ down! Well the black gold quickly turned into black asphalt, the old original driveway to the park that was covered up when the park area raise to eliminate flooding back in the 1980’s. Again the volunteers, Gene Kidd, Lance, Hue, Dave Zobler and Bob Pulhuj worked through the Friday afternoon rain, mixing bags of cement for the flag pole and getting the wood post buried, so that the rain would wash the sand in around the post.


Lance and Gene mixing cement

Lance, Dave Zobler and Gene Kidd in the rain!















Saturday the 3 dolphins were finished and the plantings were put in place, along with a truck load of mulch was dropped off for us to rake in, donated by Jim Turski, of Point Place Lawn Care, that  put the “icing on the cake”, if you will, that made the area looked terrific, as if it had been there for years!!

Plants and Dolphin in place

8″ post are cut at angle!














Sunday morning the totally restored Bollard which was donated and installed by Ken Socie, along with the help of John Rudolph, Don Stader, Bob Pulhuj and Vee Stader. Rope was added to the dolphins and wrapped around the bollard show how it was used to tie ships to docks.

Don Stader and Ken Socie taking the Bollard off the Trailer

Bollard in place













Bollards with the correct size mounting nuts





Thursday the flag pole was installed with the help of volunteers. It started by going to Howard Pinkley’s house and removing the flag pole out of the ground, that he had graciously donated.  Then there was the short trip down 131st and Summit street to Cullen Park, just over a mile. The volunteers installed new ropes and a battery powered solar light at the top, then in a matter of minutes the pole was uprighted and slid into the sleeve.

Project Complete!

Carrying the flag pole to new home

Flag raising crew

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Low water!!

  Low water on Monday morning- Oct 15th, 2012
 The strong continuous winds out of the Southwest Sunday and Monday made for an unusual sight Monday morning. The wind caused the water to leave the western end of Lake Erie, leaving only a mud bottom in the bay at Cullen Park, except for that newly dredged 80’ wide boating channel.  There was still 3 feet of water in the channel for boaters and duck hunters to launch from Cullen Park to make their way to the shipping channel possible. Picture was taken from the canoe/kayak dock, with Bay Shore Power Plant in back ground.


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Don’t forget meeting October 24th 2012

The monthly meeting will include an update of the ” Entrance Way Project”, also discussion on future projects and suggestions.

Meeting starts at 6:30 pm, at the CrossPoint Community Church, and usually last for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the subject that is up for discussion.


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Tomorrow – meeting night!

Don’t forget Wednesday Sept. 26th- 6:30 at the CrossPoint Community church.

Discussing the Toll Booth project status and up date on a few of the other concerns that people have expressed!



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Next Meeting August 29th

Yep that’s the date for the next meeting!

Yes, it’s not the “normal” fourth Wednesday of the month, but due to committee  scheduling  conflicts, it will be on the fifth Wednesday, same location!

The Design proposal for the area of the Toll booth near the entrance to the park will be discussed. The booth is scheduled to be removed in the next few weeks, so if you have some ideas, please come to the meeting and let’s talk about it!


The September meeting will back on the fourth Wednesday – September 26th, hope to see you there!

(east of Lehman at 283rd st)



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Next Meeting July 25th

We’re back  to the fourth Wednesday for July’s meeting, but August will be the fifth Wednesday August 29th!

Then September will be back on the fourth Wednesday for the winter months!

Toledo Chief of Police Derrick Diggs being the guest speaker, along with discussion on our next project!

Please go to “meeting information” page for location and time!

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Anchor Monument Dedication

June 30th, at 11 am, at Cullen Park, the new anchor monument, will be dedicated in memory of Fritz and Em Socie, long time Point Place residents. This anchor sets right at the entrance of the park, near summit street, giving the sense that this park and Point Place are a nautical community.

The anchor was donated by their son, Ken Socie, also a life long Point Place resident. This project was supported by the Visions of Cullen Park, with the great cooperation of the City of Toledo Parks.

There is an engraved stone at the corner of the base nearest the sidewalk, for all passerby to read the inscription- “In memory of Fritz and EM Socie 2012”.

In attendance will be Denny Garvin – Commissioner of Parks, Lindsay Webb – Point Place’s Councilwoman, along with Ken Socie and the entire Socie “clan” and other “dignitaries”!

All are welcome to attend this greatest historic event of Cullen Park in recent times!


Anchor monument as viewed from the entrance to Cullen Park

Stone located near sidewalk with the inscription for all to view

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Toledo City Paper Article

Below is an article written by one of our own resident – Allison Osmun, She writes the  “Field Guide”  in the bi-weekly City Paper!

Thank You Allison  for promoting the Point/Shoreland Area!  Allison has also wrote articles about the HP Landing and the NorthWest Ohio River Runners Canoe/Kayak club base in Point Place/Shoreland area in the past.


Enticing views at Cullen

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cullen Park offers beautiful respite

Cullen Park has it all. It is the only free, public launch (4526 Summit St.) in the Toledo area with direct access to Maumee Bay and to western Lake Erie. Toledoans Heng and Tasha Kim like the proximity to the mouth of the Maumee’s really good fishing spots.

Their favorite is just seven miles east near the Harbor Light Lighthouse. Improvements to the Cullen Park launch, made last year by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, included dredging a wider, deeper channel and installing new buoys. “It really makes the ramp and dock easier to launch from and the water easier to navigate,” said Tasha Kim, who has an 18’ Lund fishing boat.
There is a separate area for kayaks and canoes, and an expansive parking lot which accommodates larger trailers. Benches, placed along the shoreline’s grassy knoll and under the shady cluster of trees, offer a nice waterside respite. One of the park’s best features is the Squadron Island Nature Trail. The naturalized manmade causeway (southeast side of parking lot and marked with concrete slabs) is a delightful, unique walking experience with enticing water views on both sides. The one mile, tree-lined pathway (take the right fork) creates a sense of anticipation and discovery as the tree branches form enticing entry ways to several pretty little beach areas for fishing, bird watching, picnicking or to behold the gorgeous view. The path eventually leads to the grand, naturally occurring Squadron Island for more breathtaking sights. Visit for more info.


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Next meeting- This Thursday June 21st

Just a reminder of the Visions of Cullen Park meeting day and date change!

We will be meeting THIS Thursday June 21st – 6:30pm, at the CrossPoint Community Church.

This meeting will have guest speaker Lindsay Webb District 6 Councilwoman.

Lindsay will talk about the proposed 1.95 mil – 5 year tax levy, after which, She will take question regarding this tax proposal.

So, if you have question about this tax levy, this would be a good reason to attend the meeting and get your questions answered!

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